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An online book written by Mark “Curly” Waters, a rancher with over 40 years of experience, “Shooting the Bull” expands on the basic general information about remote injection systems previously discussed in his previous versions.

The development of cutting-edge equipment by Pneu-Dart, new advancements in the effectiveness of drugs by pharmaceutical companies, and extensive personal experience led Waters to write his follow-up to Shooting the Bull.

In the first edition, Waters catered to the needs of new customers with little to no remote drug delivery experience. Topics ranged from how to sight a projector, to equipment maintenance, to the correct selection of drugs for each dart. In his latest edition, Waters expands on that basic knowledge with detailed descriptions and personal stories designed to appeal to novice and experienced users alike.

“The bottom line is I tried to encompass the whole spectrum of the Pneu-Dart remote injection systems and put it into an understandable manner for new users as well as the people that have been using remote injection as a cost saving herd management tool for some time. There is a proper way and an improper way to make remote injections. People who read the online book should be much more efficient,” Waters said.

If you are looking to expand your knowledge of Pneu-Dart products and learn about the importance and benefits of proper remote injection, read Shooting the Bull today!

Pneu-Dart, Inc. does not condone nor promote the extra-label use of veterinary pharmaceuticals unless on order and under supervision of a licensed veterinarian.